Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Who will win?

So I’m chipping in with my opinion on a topic that many pundits have been squabbling over for the past five years, since the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was initially set to take place. Who will reign supreme as the greatest boxer of our era? I’m going to go against all the pundits and say Pacquiao, for a few very specific reasons.


Taste of defeat

Despite Pacquiao holding 5 losses and 2 draws in comparison to Mayweathers’ 47-0 record, some would dispute that losing makes a fighter better. Pacquiao knows the taste of defeat all too well and will do anything to avoid the same fate for the Mayweather fight. Of course, you can’t overlook an undefeated fighter, let alone the fact that Mayweather has never even been knocked down in a fight! But as they say there’s a first time for everything. And with a great possibility of both fighters retiring after the bout, Pacquiao could be Mayweathers toughest opponent and could be the one to finally lay him on the canvas.


Manny the puncher

Pacquiao’s first 2 defeats came in the flyweight division, when he was a one-handed fighter far from the spectacle he is today. In Pacquiao’s 3rd, 4th and 5th defeats to Erik Morales, Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquéz respectively, Pacquiao fought fighters who threw over 100 punches a round. Floyd Mayweather is a defensive fighter, probably the best counter fighter that has ever lived. But he throws no where near 100 punches a round. Mayweather sits back, ducks, dips, and slips punches all day and looks for the counter attack, but with an agressive Pacquiao coming at him, he may find this alot more difficult to do. And hey, I’m not going to go against Mike Tyson!


The Power

While Mayweather may have the edge on hand speed, Pacquiao has a notable advantage in power. Although a smaller fighter at 5’6.5″, Pacquiao can do some serious damage on Mayweather if he can get on the inside and he is definitely a fighter who is willing to take a few shots so he can get on the inside to really hurt Mayweather.


Floyd’s time or Manny’s time?

This fight will definitely be the defining moment of each of these fighters careers. Both are hall of fame fighters. Pacquiao has a record 8 titles in different weight divisions, Mayweather will go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time alongside Muhammed Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. But if this fight did not happen for Mayweather, there would always be the question of “yeah, but you never fought Pacquiao”. Mayweather had to fight and has alot more to lose from this fight than Manny has, but Pacquiao has been the underdog enough times to pull an upset. Never before have two fighters been more evenly matched, but I really believe this is one of those times when the underdog can prevail. Manny himself even prefers to be the underdog.

Many people say that Mayweather will win, but they want Pacquiao to win. I’m going to go with Pacquiao and even though much of the stats are against him, there’s that indescribable inner something that Pacquiao has that could just edge it.


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